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Modelling of the Recruitment of Marine Species

Paul Nival , Francois Carlotti , A. Sciandra
Toward a Theory on Biological-Physical Interactions in the World Ocean, Springer Netherlands, pp.321-342, 1988, ⟨10.1007/978-94-009-3023-0_17⟩
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Air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean between 25°E and 85°E

Alain Poisson , Nicolas Metzl , Xavier Danet , Ferial Louanchi , Christian Brunet , et al.
The Polar Oceans and Their Role in Shaping the Global Environment, pp.273-284, 1994, ⟨10.1029/GM085p0273⟩
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Comparative studies on salt marsh processes: Mont Saint Michel Bay, a multi-disciplinary study

Jean-Claude Lefeuvre , Georges Bertru , Françoise Burel , Luc Brient , Véronique Creach , et al.
William J. Mitsch. Global Wetlands : Old World and New, Elsevier, pp.215-234, 1994, 0-444-81478-7
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A novel isotopic approach to study soil organic substances

Eric Lichtfouse , Samir Dou , Jérôme Balesdent , André A. Mariotti , F. Béhar , et al.
Developments and applications to energy, climate, environment and human history, AIGOA, 1995
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Measurement of soil organic matter turnover using 13C natural abundance

Jérôme Balesdent , André A. Mariotti
Mass spectrometry of soils, Marcel Dekker, 1996
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Multifractal properties of temperature fluctuations in turbulence

François G Schmitt , Daniel Schertzer , Shaun Lovejoy , Yves Brunet
Fractals and Chaos in Chemical Engineering, World Scientific, 1997, 981-02-3165-2
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Differential Adaptation in Spatially Heterogeneous Environments and Host-Parasite Coevolution

Sylvain Gandon , Dieter Ebert , Isabelle Olivieri , Yannis Michalakis
S. Mopper; S.Y. Strauss. Genetic structure and local adaptation in natural insect populations, Chapman & Hall, pp.325-342, 1998, 0-412-08031-1
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Retrieval capabilities of L-Band 2-D interferometric radiometry over land surfaces (SMOS Mission)

Jean-Pierre Wigneron , Philippe Waldteufel , Andre Chanzy , J.-C. Calvet , Olivier Marloie , et al.
Microwave radiometry remote sensing earth's surface atmosphere, VSP, 2000, 90-6764-318-1
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Blood Compatible Bioactive Polymers

Stéphane La Barre , Catherine Boisson-Vidal
Donald Wise, Joseph Greisser, Debra Tranlolo, Mario Cattaneo, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Michael Yaszemski. Fundamentals and Vascular and Carrier Applications, Humana Press, pp.25-48, 2000, Biomaterials Engineering and Devices: Human Applications, ISBN 0-89603-858-0
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The impact of graminaceous perennials on a rare resource : nitrogen

Luc Abbadie , Jean-Christophe Lata , Virginie Tavernier
Ch. Floret & R. Pontanier (Eds.). The impact of graminaceous perennials on a rare resource : nitrogen, John Libbey Eurotext, pp.189-193, 2000, Volume 1
Book sections bioemco-00353824v1

Perspectives on the Study of Dispersal Evolution

Ophélie Ronce , Isabelle Olivieri , Jean Clobert , Etienne G. J. Danchin
J. Clobert; E. Danchin; A.A. Dhondt; J.D. Nichols. Dispersal, Oxford University Press, pp.341-357, 2001, 0 19 850659 0
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Different molecular techniques to examine the life cycles of phytoplankton or HAB species

Laure Guillou , Isabelle C. Biegala
LIFEHAB Life histories of microalgal species causing harmful blooms, p. 95, 2001
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Evolution quantitative de la production sédimentaire d'un bassin versant carbonaté au cours du Tardiglaciaire et de l'Holocène : l'exemple de la haute vallée du Doubs (France)

Vincent Bichet , Michel Campy , Jean-François Buoncristiani , Christian Di Giovanni , Michel Meybeck , et al.
J.-P. Bravard et M. Magny. Les fleuves ont une histoire. Paléo-environnement des rivières et des lacs français depuis 15 000 ans, éditions Errance, pp.161-170, 2002
Book sections hal-01308847v1

The effects of elevated CO2 on plants: Photosynthesis, transpiration, primary production, and biodiversity

B.G. Drake , Daniel Rasse
Climate change and biodiversity: Synergistic impacts, 4, Conservation International, 2003, Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science, 1-881173-74-7
Book sections hal-02825192v1
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Impact du changement de l'utilisation des terres sur la biodiversité de la faune du sol : le cas du Morvan

Florence Dubs , Guillaume Boulanger , Yves Auda , Eric Fedoroff , Jean-François Ponge , et al.
Sylvie Vanpeene-Bruhier. Évaluation des risques environnementaux pour une gestion durable des espaces, CEMAGREF, pp.83-89, 2003, 2-85362-621-0
Book sections hal-01097077v1

Dynamics and interactions of autotrophs, light, nutrients and carbon dioxide

Trevor Platt , Richard Geider , Antoine Sciandra , Claire Copin-Montégut , Heather Bouman , et al.
A.R. Robinson; K. Brink. The global coastal ocean: multiscale interdisciplinary processes, 13, Harvard University Press, pp.375-412, 2004
Book sections hal-02378308v1

Stereo-photography techniques.

Alain Weill , Christine Guérin , Danièle Hauser , Hélène Dupuis
D. Hauser, K. Kahma, H. Krogstad, S. Monbaliu, S. Lehner et L. Wyatt. Measuring and Analysing the directional spectrum of ocean waves., European Union, pp.106-115, 2005, EUR 21367
Book sections hal-00151357v1

Sols salés et environnement

Jean-Pierre Montoroi
M.C. Girard, C. Walter, J.C. Rémy, J. Berthelin, J.L. Morel. Sols et Environnement, Dunod, Paris, pp.608-627, 2005
Book sections bioemco-00454599v1

Remarks on the use of 13C and 18O isotopes in atmospheric CO2 to quantify biospheric carbon fluxes

Philippe Ciais , Matthias Cuntz , Marko Scholze , Florent Mouillot , Philippe Peylin , et al.
Stable isotope biosphere atmosphere interactions : Processes and Biological Controls, 1ère ed., Academic press, Elsevier, 400 p., 2005, 978-0-12-088447-6. ⟨10.1016/B978-0-12-088447-6.X5000-4⟩
Book sections hal-02831118v1

Geochemical variations and element transfer during shear zone development and related episyenitisation at middle crust depths: insights from the study of the Mont Blanc Granite (French Italian Alps).

M. Rossi , Yan Rolland , Olivier Vidal , S. Cox
Bruhn D. and Burlini L. High-strain zones: structure and physical properties., Geological Society of London Publication, pp.373-396, 2005, Special Publication 245, ⟨10.1144/GSL.SP.2005.245.01.18⟩
Book sections istex hal-00105064v1

Paraglacial dynamics in Svalbard (Pr. 400 - geomorphoclim - french polar institute Paul-Emile Victor)

Denis Mercier , Marie-Françoise André , Samuel Etienne , Dominique Laffly , Myrtille Moreau , et al.
Shifting lands new insights into periglacial geomorphology, Mélanie Séteun, pp.43-45, 2005
Book sections hal-00267397v1

Fish and shellfish upgrading, traceability.

Fabienne Guérard , Daniel Y. Sellos , Yves Le Gal
Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology, 96, pp.127-163, 2005, ⟨10.1007/b135783⟩
Book sections istex hal-02469585v1

40 years of studies on the relationships between grass species, N turnover and nutrient cycling in the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)

Luc Abbadie , Jean-Christophe Lata
Jarvis S.S., Murray P.J. & Roker J.A., eds. Optimisation of nutrient cycling and soil quality for sustainable grasslands, Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, pp.59, 2005
Book sections bioemco-00353826v1

Has basin-scale modelling advanced beyond empiricism?

C. Michel , Charles Perrin , Vazken Andréassian , L. Oudin , T. Mathevet
Large Sample Basin Experiments for Hydrological Model Parameterization: Results of the Model Parameter Experiment MOPEX. IAHS Publ. 307, AISH, pp.108-116, 2006
Book sections hal-02588690v1

How informative is land-cover for the regionalisation of the GR4J rainfall-runoff model? Lessons of a downward approach

L. Oudin , Vazken Andréassian , C. Loumagne , C. Michel
Large Sample Basin Experiments for Hydrological Model Parameterization: Results of the Model Parameter ExperimentMOPEX. IAHS Publ. 307, AISH, pp.246-255, 2006
Book sections hal-02588694v1

Perspectives: From the Lamto experience to critical issues for Savanna ecology research

Jacques Gignoux , Xavier Le Roux , Luc Abbadie
Lamto: Structure, Functioning, and Dynamics of a Savanna Ecosystem, 179, Springer, 2006, Ecological Studies, 0-387-94844-9 978-0-387-94844-7
Book sections hal-02819523v1
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Effect of a legume cover crop on carbon storage and erosion in an ultisol under maize cultivation in southern Benin

Bernard Barthès , Anastase Azontonde , Eric Blanchart , Cyril Girardin , Cécile Villenave , et al.
Eric J. Roose; Rattan Lal; Christian Feller; Bernard Barthès; Bobby A. Stewart. Soil erosion and carbon dynamics, CRC Press LLC, Taylor & Francis Group, pp.143-155, 2006, Advances in Soil Science, 9780429208768
Book sections bioemco-00175371v1

Conservation of European crayfish, a challenge involving everybody, from the citizen to stakeholders, scientists and decision makers

C. Souty-Grosset , J. Carral , L. Edsman , L. Füreder , F. Gherardi , et al.
Atlas of crayfish in Europe, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, pp.159-162, 2006
Book sections hal-00119133v1

Modeling the relationships between vegetation structure and functioning, and modeling savanna functioning from plot to region

Xavier Le Roux , Jacques Gignoux , Guillaume Simioni
Lamto: Structure, Functioning, and Dynamics of a Savanna Ecosystem, 179, Springer, 2006, Ecological Studies, 0-387-94844-9 978-0-387-94844-7
Book sections hal-02821157v1

A synthetic overview of Lamto Savanna ecology: Importance of structure-functioning-dynamics relationships

Xavier Le Roux , Luc Abbadie , Jacques Gignoux
Lamto: Structure, Functioning, and Dynamics of a Savanna Ecosystem, 179, Springer, 2006, Ecological Studies, 0-387-94844-9 978-0-387-94844-7
Book sections hal-02821898v1

Systematics and Phylogeny of freshwater crayfich, with particular reference to historical biogeography of Europe

F. Grandjean , N. Gouin , P. Keith , P. Noel , H. Persat , et al.
Atlas of crayfish in Europe, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, pp.11-23, 2006
Book sections hal-00119100v1

Modification of the savanna functioning by herbivores

Xavier Le Roux , Luc Abbadie , Hervé Fritz , Hélène Leriche
Lamto: Structure, Functioning, and Dynamics of a Savanna Ecosystem, 179, Springer, 2006, Ecological Studies, 0-387-94844-9 978-0-387-94844-7
Book sections hal-02818697v1

Arboviroses émergentes au Brésil

Nicolas Dégallier , A. P. de Andrade Travassos da Rosa , Paulo de Tarso Ribeiro Vilarinhos
P. Sabaté & C.Boutrolle. Recherches de l'IRD au Brésil depuis 1998, Charbel Gráfica Editora, Brasília, Brésil, pp.102-104, 2006
Book sections hal-00158792v1
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L-MEB: a simple model at L-band for the continental areas - application to the simulation of a half-degree resolution and global scale dataset

Jean-Pierre Wigneron , Thierry Pellarin , Jean-Christophe Calvet , Patricia de Rosnay , Kauzar Saleh Contell , et al.
Thermal microwave radiation: applications for remote sensing, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2006, 0-86341-573-3
Book sections hal-02820857v1

Nitrogen Dynamics in the Soil-Plant System

Luc Abbadie , Jean-Christophe Lata
Menaut J.-C., Abbadie L. & Lepage M. eds. Lamto: structure, function and dynamics of a savanna ecosystem, Springer Verlag, pp.277-297, 2006, Ecol. Studies 179
Book sections bioemco-00353830v1

Modelling regional air quality over decades : past and future trends in photochemical smog

Robert Vautard , Sophie Laval-Szopa , Matthias Beekmann , Laurent Menut , Laurence Rouil , et al.
Borrego C., Renner E. (Eds). Developments in Environmental Science, 6, Elsevier. Amsterdam, pp.210-219, 2007, Air pollution modelling and its application XVIII, ⟨10.1016/S1474-8177(07)06213-4⟩
Book sections ineris-00970179v1

Aerosols direct radiative forcing on Djougou (Northern Benin) during the AMMA dry season experiment

Marc Mallet , Véronique Pont , Catherine Liousse , Armand Mariscal , Valérie Thouret , et al.
Mellouki, A.; Ravishankara, A.R. Regional Climate Variability and its Impacts in the Mediterranean Area. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Regional Climate Variability and its Impacts in the Mediterranean Area, Marrakech, Morocco, 1 September 2006, Springer, pp.103-111, 2007, NATO Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol 79, ⟨10.1007/978-1-4020-6429-6_7⟩
Book sections hal-03471412v1

Géologie de la matière organique dans les bassins sédimentaires.

François Baudin , Nicolas Tribovillard , Jean Trichet
SGF - Société Géologique de France. Géologie de la matière organique, Vuibert, 263 p., 2007
Book sections hal-00092207v1

Latitudinal climatic gradients in the Western European and Mediterranean regions from the Mid-Miocene (c. 15 Ma) to the Mid-Pliocene (c. 3.5 Ma) as quantified from pollen data

S. Fauquette , J.P. Suc , G. Jiménez-Moreno , A. Micheels , A. Jost , et al.
WILLIAMS, M., HAYWOOD, A. M., GREGORY, F. J. & SCHMIDT, D. N. Deep-Time Perspectives on Climate Change: Marrying the Signal from Computer Models and Biological Proxies., The Geological Society, London, pp.481-502, 2007, The Micropalaeontological Society, Special Publications
Book sections halsde-00273037v1

Les introductions d'espèces dans les milieux aquatiques calédoniens

Jean-Claude Lefeuvre , Philippe Keith , Joêl Jérémie
Beauvais M.L. et al. coord. Les espèces envahissantes dans l'archipel néo-calédonien, IRD, Paris, 2007
Book sections hal-00192565v1

Apport des méthodes de géophysique à la connaissance de la variabilité spatiale et du fonctionnement hydrique des sols

Didier Michot , Dominique D. King , Bernard B. Nicoullaud , Abel Dorigny , Hocine Bourennane , et al.
 Agriculture de précision, Editions Quae, 2007, Update Sciences and Technologies, 978-2-7592-0019-1
Book sections hal-02824343v1
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Some Considerations on the Integration of Geophysical Data into Archaeological Research

Christophe Benech , Albert Hesse
Internationale Archäologie Naturwissenshaft und Technologie. Geophysik und Ausgrabung. Einsatz und Auswertung zerstörungsfreier Prospektion in der Archäologie, Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, Rahden, pp.175-186, 2007, Band 6
Book sections hal-00421813v1

Spatial pattern, dynamics, and reproductive biology of the grass community

Jacques Gignoux , Isabelle Dajoz , Jacques Durand , Lisa Garnier , Michel Veuille
Luc Abbadie, Jacques Gignoux, Xavier Le Roux, Michel Lepage. 2007, Ecological studies 179
Book sections bioemco-00136542v1

Using indicators to assess interactions

Harold Levrel
Biosphere reserves. Technical notes., Man and Nature. Making the relationship last. (3-2008), UNESCO Edition, pp.105-107, 2008, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last
Book sections hal-00363087v1

Six biosphere reserves to build together

Harold Levrel
Biosphere reserves. Technical notes, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last. (3-2008), UNESCO Edition, pp.78-79, 2008, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last
Book sections hal-00363088v1

Incertitudes liées aux mesures du NO2 par échantillonneurs passifs dans Beyrouth Municipe

Jocelyne Adjizian-Gérard , Marie Abboud , W. Farah , T. Rizk , Claude Chelala , et al.
Allard P., Fox D., Picon B. Incertitude et environnement, la fin des incertitudes scientifiques, Ecologie Humaine/ EDISUD, pp.15-26, 2008
Book sections halsde-00402287v1

Altération chimique

Guilhem Bourrie , Fabienne Trolard , Pierre Freytet
Formations superficielles. Genèse - Typologie Classification - Paysages et environnements - Ressources et risques, Ellipses, 2008, 2-7298-3556-3
Book sections hal-02823594v1

Neurobiology of olfactory communication in the honeybee

Gabriela de Brito Sanchez , Nina Deisig , Jean-Christophe Sandoz , Martin Giurfa
Sociobiology of communication : an interdisciplinary perspective, Oxford University Press, 2008, 9780199216840. ⟨10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199216840.003.0007⟩
Book sections hal-02820781v1

Transmission Electron Microscopy for Soil Samples: Preparation Methods and Use

Francoise Elsass , Claire Chenu , Daniel D. Tessier
Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 5 : Mineralogical Methods, 5, Soil Science Society of America, 2008, Soil Science Society of America Book Series, 978-0-89118-846-9
Book sections hal-02823764v1

Mild processing techniques and development of functional marine protein and peptide ingredients

G. Thorkelsson , S. Sigurgisladottir , M. Geirsdottir , R. Jóhannsson , Fabienne Guérard , et al.
Improving Seafood Products for the Consumer, Elsevier, pp.363-398, 2008, ⟨10.1533/9781845694586.4.363⟩
Book sections hal-02469764v1

Monitoring Prey Availability via Data Loggers Deployed on Seabirds: Advances and Present Limitations

Charles-André Bost , Audrey Jaeger , W. Huin , Philippe Koubbi , L.G. Halsey , et al.
Fisheries for Global Welfare and Environment, K. Tsukamoto, T. Kawamura, T. Takeuchi, T. D. Beard, Jr. and M. J. Kaiser, eds. 5th World Fisheries Congress 2008, pp.121-137, 2008
Book sections hal-00339638v1

Exhumation Processes in Oceanic and Continental Subduction Contexts: A Review

Stéphane Guillot , Keiko Hattori , Philippe Agard , Stéphane Schwartz , Olivier Vidal
Lallemand ; Funiciello. Subduction Zone Geodynamics, Springer Verlag, pp.175-205, 2009, Frontiers in Earth Sciences, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-87974-9_10⟩
Book sections insu-00411149v1

Impact des ETM sur les communautés de macro-invertébrés et de micro-organismes de sols du Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Johanne Nahmani , Yvan Capowiez , Folkert F. van Oort , Emmanuel Lapied , Corinne Rouland , et al.
Contaminations métalliques des agrosystèmes et écosystèmes péri-industriels, Editions Quae, 2009, 9782759202751
Book sections hal-02818490v1
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Proximate and Ultimate Control of Eel Continental Dispersal

Eric Edeline , Sylvie Dufour , Pierre Elie
Spawning Migration of the European Eel Reproduction Index, a Useful Tool for Conservation Management, Springer, pp.433-461, 2009, ⟨10.1007/978-1-4020-9095-0_18⟩
Book sections bioemco-00353144v1

Influence of the subduction of the Carnegie volcanic ridge on Ecuadorian geology: Reality and fiction

François Michaud , Jean-Yves Royer , César Witt
Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Víctor A. Ramos, and William R. Dickinson. Backbone of the Americas: Shallow Subduction, Plateau Uplift, and Ridge and Terrane Collision, Geological Society of America, pp.217-228, 2009, Geological Society of America Memoirs 204, ⟨10.1130/2009.1204(10)⟩
Book sections insu-00406266v1

Le changement climatique menace-t-il les ressources en eau ? Le cas des bassins de la Seine et de la Somme

Agnès Ducharne , Florence Habets , Pascal Viennot , Julien Boé , M. Bourqui , et al.
Éclairages sur notre futur commun, Réseau de Recherche sur le Développement Soutenable (R2DS), pp.4, 2009, 6
Book sections hal-00507505v1


Monika Bright , François Lallier
Gibson, RN and Atkinson, RJA and Gordon, JDM. OCEANOGRAPHY AND MARINE BIOLOGY: AN ANNUAL REVIEW, VOL 48, 48, CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP, pp.213-265, 2010, Oceanography and Marine Biology, 978-1-4398-2116-9
Book sections hal-01250932v1

Tidal Evolution of Exoplanets

Alexandre C. M. Correia , Jacques Laskar
edited by S. Seager. Exoplanets, Tucson, AZ : University of Arizona Press, pp. 239-266, 2010
Book sections hal-00619530v1

Nitrification – Is It a Strategic Point of Intervention for Limiting Nitrogen Losses from Agricultural Systems? – The Concept of Biological Nitrification Inhibition (BNI)

G.V. Subbarao , K. Nakahara , T. Ishikawa , M. Kishii , N. Kudo , et al.
N. Raghuram. ING Bulletins on Regional Assessment of Reactive Nitrogen, Bulletin No. 13, SCON-ING, New Delhi, pp.1-35, 2010, 13
Book sections bioemco-00544481v1
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DIGISOIL: An Integrated System of Data Collection Technologies for Mapping Soil Properties

Gilles Grandjean , Olivier Cerdan , Guy Richard , Isabelle Cousin , Philippe Lagacherie , et al.
Proximal Soil Sensing, Springer, pp.89-101, 2010, Progress in soil science, 978-90-481-8858-1 978-90-481-8859-8 978-94-007-3288-9. ⟨10.1007/978-90-481-8859-8_7⟩
Book sections hal-00548807v1
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Explosive properties of superheated aqueous solutions in volcanic and hydrothermal systems

Régis Thiery , Sébastien Loock , Lionel Mercury
Metastable Systems under Pressure, Springer, pp.293-310, 2010
Book sections insu-00460799v1

Contribuição dos Dados TRMM-3B42 ao Estudo das Precipitações no Estado de Mato Grosso

Damien Arvor , Vincent Dubreuil , Josyane Ronchail , Margareth Simões Penello Meirelles
J.Santos. Produção do Espaço e Transformações Socioambientais das Paisagens do Mato Grosso, EdUFMT, Cuiaba, pp.121-145, 2010
Book sections halshs-00487475v1

Investigating the Competition for Water and the Depth of Water Extraction in Multispecies Grasslands Using 18O Natural Abundance

Jean-Louis Durand , Thierry Bariac , Youri Rothfuss , Patricia Richard , Philippe Biron , et al.
Sustainable use of Genetic Diversity in Forage and Turf Breeding, Springer Netherlands, pp.205-209, 2010, ⟨10.1007/978-90-481-8706-5_29⟩
Book sections hal-02389863v1

New magnetic fabric data and their comparison with palaeostress markers in the Western Fars Arc (Zagros, Iran): tectonic implications

Charles Aubourg , Brigitte Smith , Ali Eshraghi , Olivier Lacombe , Christine Authemayou , et al.
P. Leturmy; C. Robin. Tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic, Geological Society of London, pp.97-120, 2010, Geological Society Special Publication, 330, ⟨10.1144/SP330.6⟩
Book sections hal-00545036v1

Climate change versus land-cover change: a comparative analysis in the Mekong basin

Guillaume Lacombe , Chu Thai Hoanh , Alain Pierret , Oloth Sengtaheuanghoung , Vladimir Smakhtin , et al.
Srikantha Herath; Yi Wang; Liouhi Liang. Meeting Climate Change Challenges in Transboundary Basins: Role of Sciences, THE UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY, pp.29-31, 2010, CECAR Series - UNU-ISP
Book sections bioemco-00539801v1

Quels animaux dans la ville ?

Solene Croci , Anita Georges , Alain Butet , Philippe Clergeau , P. Le Quilliec
Philippe Clergeau. Ville et Biodiversité. Les enseignements d'une recherche pluridisciplinaire, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, pp.155-184, 2011
Book sections hal-01082014v1

Faune du sol et Lombriciens dans les sols tempérés agricoles

Daniel Cluzeau , Eric Blanchart , Guénola Pérès , Denis Piron , Gérard Cuendet , et al.
M.C. Girard, C. Walter, J.C. Remy, J. Berthelin & J.L. Morel. Sols et Environnement. 2e edition, Dunod, pp.85-107, 2011
Book sections hal-00627001v1

Hydraulic head interpolation in an aquifer unit using ANFIS and Ordinary Kriging

Bedri Kurtulus , Nicolas Flipo , Patrick Goblet , Guillaume Vilain , Julien Tournebize , et al.
Studies in Computational Intelligence, springer, pp.265-276, 2011, Studies in Computational Intelligence, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-20206-3_18⟩
Book sections istex hal-00598875v1

Les espèces : ordre des osmériformes

Eric Rochard , Philippe Keith , Henri Persat , Eric Feunteun , Jean Allardi
Les poissons d'eau douce de France, Publications Scientifiques du M.N.H.N., pp.388-389, 2011, Inventaires & biodiversité, 978-2-914817-69-1
Book sections hal-02596775v1


Laura Maxim , Isabelle Rico-Lattes , Catherine Bastien-Ventura , Nicolas Buclet , Christophe Cartier Dit Moulin , et al.
Laura Maxim. La chimie durable, CNRS Editions, pp.9-14, 2011
Book sections halshs-00638863v1