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Evidence for equilibrium crystallization of amphiboles and clinopyroxenes in mantle modally metasomatized peridotite xenoliths from french Massif Central

M. Bouhedja , E. Deloule , L. Reisberg , Christiane Wagner
Goldschmidt 2000, 2000, Oxford, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-00681440v1

Mesure du rapport Fe3+/Fe2+ à la microsonde électronique par analyse du déplacement du pic Fe L : minéraux anhydres et hydratés

Michel Fialin , Christiane Wagner
RST, 2000, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-00681442v1

Improvement of low-level trace element analysis with the electron microprobe

Christiane Wagner , Michel Fialin
Goldschmidt Conference 1999, 1999, Boston, United States
Conference papers hal-00681445v1

A new approach of determining the Fe2+/Fe3+ in minerals and glasses with the electron microprobe

Michel Fialin , Christiane Wagner
Goldschmidt Conference 1999, 1999, Boston, United States
Conference papers hal-00681450v1

Geochemical processes evidenced by an EPMA trace element study of pyroxenes and amphiboles

Christiane Wagner , Michel Fialin
EMAS 99, 1999, Konstanz, Germany
Conference papers hal-00681453v1

Elemental fractionation in composite spinel lherzolites from Massif Central (France). Constraints on possible link between cryptic and modal metasomatism

Christiane Wagner , E. Deloule , G. Chazot , J.C. Vilminot
Goldschmidt Conference 1998, 1998, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-00681455v1

EPMA determination of trace element: REE and metals in amphiboles and clinopyroxenes, a record of metasomatic effects in the mantle

Christiane Wagner , Michel Fialin
IMA 98, 1998, Toronto, Canada
Conference papers hal-00681457v1

Cathodoluminescence of apatites: new data on potential activators and inhibitors and their bearing on geochimical interpretations

P.H. Blanc , A. Perseil , G. Roger , Christiane Wagner
IMA 98, 1998, Toronto, Canada
Conference papers hal-00681461v1

LREE- and Sr- enrichment in mantle beneath North Morocco: an EPMA investigation of clinopyroxenes in pyroxenites xenoliths

Christiane Wagner , Michel Fialin
EMPG 7, 1998, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-00681464v1

X-ray emission valence band spectrometry: application to Cu and Fe L- series

Michel Fialin , Christiane Wagner , G. Remond
EMAS 98, 1998, Barcelone, Spain
Conference papers hal-00681466v1

Fractional crystallization and immiscibility processes in the alkaline carbonatite complex from Taourirt (Morocco)

Christiane Wagner , A. Mokhtari , E. Deloule , F. Chabaux
EUG 9, 1997, Strasbourg, France. pp.59-60
Conference papers hal-00681472v1

Bordures réactionnelles d'olivine dans un gabbro du Skaergaard : premiers résultats d'une approche expérimentale

Christiane Wagner , Tahar Hammouda , Michel Pichavant
RST 96, 1996, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-00681475v1

Composite ultramafic xenoliths from the Devès Tertiary volcanic province (Massif Central): a record of metasomatism effects upon the mantle?

J.L. Vilminot , Christiane Wagner
SFMC, 1995, Strasbourg, France. pp.257
Conference papers hal-00681478v1

Evidence of an underlying carbonatitic complex in North Morocco: a mineralogical study of inclusions found in lamprophyres

Christiane Wagner , A. Mokhtari
Journées de la SFMC, Strasbourg, 1995, Strasbourg, France. pp.259
Conference papers hal-00681480v1

Relations between MARID and PKPs type mantle nodules from North Morocco: a mineralogical and hydrogen isotope study

Christiane Wagner , E. Deloule , A. Mokhtari
EUG 8, 1995, Strasbourg, France. pp.295
Conference papers hal-00681483v1

Uppermantle xenocrysts in an olivine-melanephelinite from Morocco: implications for subcontinental heterogeneity

Christiane Wagner
EUG 7, 1993, Strasbourg, France. pp.539-540
Conference papers hal-00681485v1

Hydrothermal synthesis of narsarsukite Na2TiOSi4O10 and new structural data

J.L. Robert , R. Oberti , Christiane Wagner
EMPG 4, 1992, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Conference papers hal-00681488v1

Etude des réactions coronitiques entre plagioclase et magnétite dans un gabbro du massif du Skaergaard (Groëndland)

Christiane Wagner , Tahar Hammouda
Journées de la SFMC, 1991, Lyon, France. pp.54
Conference papers hal-00681495v1

Paleozoic olivine-minette from the Couy (Cher, France) deep drilling. Mineralogical composition and alteration phenomena

Christiane Wagner , Daniel Velde , Jean-Louis Joron
EUG 6, 1991, Strasbourg, France. pp.24-25
Conference papers hal-00681496v1

Etude d'un xénocristal de richtérite dans une néphélinite à olivine. Phénomènes de dissolution et de diffusion

Christiane Wagner , Daniel Velde
Journées de la SFMC, 1990, Rennes, France
Conference papers hal-00681498v1

Geochemical evolution of micas in lamproites from various occurrences (North America and western Europe)

Christiane Wagner , Jean-Louis Joron
EUG 5, 1989, Strasbourg, France. pp.323-324
Conference papers hal-00681502v1

Mechanical basis for slip along low-angle normal faults

Emmanuel Lecomte , Laetitia Le Pourhiet , Olivier Lacombe
Geophysical Research Letters, 2012, 39 (L03307), pp.1-6. ⟨10.1029/2011GL050756⟩
Journal articles hal-00681720v1

LA-ICPMS zircons U/Pb dating of Permo-Triassic and Cretaceous magmatisms in Northern Vietnam - Geodynamical implications

Françoise Roger , Henri Maluski , Claude Lepvrier , Tich Vu Van , Jean-Louis Paquette
Journal of Southeast Asian earth sciences, 2012, 48, pp.72-82. ⟨10.1016/j.jseaes.2011.12.012⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00681725v1

Mineral and Bacterial Diversities of Desert Sand Grains from South-East Morocco

Maxime Gommeaux , ​mohamed Barakat , Gilles Montagnac , Richard Christen , François Guyot , et al.
Geomicrobiology Journal, 2010, 27 (1), pp.76-92. ⟨10.1080/01490450903393066⟩
Journal articles insu-00681761v1

Stratigraphie des sédiments à faciès Wealdien dans le Bassin de Mons (Belgique)

J. Yans , J. Dejax , Johann Schnyder , P. Spagna , C. Dupuis , et al.
Bulletin Inf. Géol. Bass. Paris, 2011, 48 (3), pp.9-13
Journal articles hal-00681814v1

Catastrophic flood of the Mediterranean after the Messinian salinity crisis

Daniel Garcia-Castellanos , Ferran Estrada , I. Jimenez-Munt , Christian Gorini , M. Fernandez , et al.
Nature, 2009, 462, pp.778-782. ⟨10.1038/nature08555⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00682031v1

Evidence for ∼80-75 Ma subduction jump during Anatolide-Tauride-Armenian block accretion and ∼48 Ma Arabia-Eurasia collision in Lesser Caucasus-East Anatolia

Yan Rolland , D. Perincek , N. Kaymakci , M. Sosson , Eric Barrier , et al.
Journal of Geodynamics, 2012, 56-57, pp.76-85
Journal articles hal-00682518v1

Mesozoic extensional brittle tectonics of the Arabian passive margin inverted in the Zagros collision (Iran, interior Fars)

P. Navabpour , Jacques Angelier , Eric Barrier
Geological Society Special Publication, 2010, 330 (Special Issue), pp.65-96
Journal articles hal-00682678v1

Brittle tectonic reconstruction of palaeo-extension inherited from Mesozoic rifting in West Zagros (Kermanshah, Iran)

P. Navabpour , Jacques Angelier , Eric Barrier
Journal of the Geological Society, 2011, 168 (4), pp.979-994. ⟨10.1144/0016-76492010-108⟩
Journal articles hal-00682683v1

Astronomical duration of polarity Chron C31r (Lower Maastrichtian): cyclostratigraphy of ODP Site 762 (Indian Ocean) and the Contessa Highway section (Gubbio, Italy)

Dorothée Husson , Bruno Galbrun , Nicolas Thibault , Silvia Gardin , Emilia Huret , et al.
Geological Magazine, 2012, 149 (2), pp.345-351. ⟨10.1017/S0016756811000999⟩
Journal articles hal-00683000v1

O processo de colapso gravitacional da seção marinha da bacia da foz do Amazonas - margem equatorial brasileira

Rodrigo Peronavo , Antonio Tadeu Reis , Cleverson Guizan Silva , Bruno Vendille , Christian Gorini , et al.
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica, 2009, 27 (3), pp.459-484
Journal articles hal-00683025v1

Radial gravitacional gliding indicated by subsalt relief and salt-related structures: the example of the gulf of lions, western mediterranean

Antonio Tadeu dos Reis , Christian Gorini , Wiktor Weibull , Rodrigo Peronavo , Michelle Mepen , et al.
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica, 2008, 26 (3), pp.347-365. ⟨10.1590/S0102-261X2008000300008⟩
Journal articles hal-00683030v1

Architecture and growth of normal fault zones in multilayer systems: A 3D field analysis in the South-Eastern Basin, France

Vincent Roche , Catherine Homberg , M. Rocher
Journal of Structural Geology, 2012, 37, pp.19-35. ⟨10.1016/j.jsg.2012.02.005⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00683041v1

Two-scale gravitational collapse in the Amazon Fan: a coupled system of gravity tectonics and mass-transport processes

Antonio Tadeu dos Reis , Rodrigo Peronavo , Cleverson Guizan Silva , Bruno Vendille , E.F.S. Araujo , et al.
Journal of the Geologcal Society, 2010, 167 (3), pp.593-604. ⟨10.1144/0016-76492009-035⟩
Journal articles hal-00683592v1

Paleodepositional conditions in the Orca Basin as inferred from organic matter and trace metal contents

Nicolas Tribovillard , Viviane Bout-Roumazeilles , Thomas Algeo , Timothy W. Lyons , Thomas Sionneau , et al.
Marine Geology, 2008, 254 (1-2), pp.62-72. ⟨10.1016/j.margeo.2008.04.016⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00683633v1

Evaluation of hydrocarbon potential of the Paleozoic (Cambrian-Devonian) source rocks of the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, Canada: Geochemical characterization, expulsion efficiency, and erosion scenario

Gaëlle Grundman , Françoise Behar , Michel Malo , François Baudin , François Lorant
AAPG Bulletin, 2012, 96 (4), pp.729-751. ⟨10.1306/08301110165⟩
Journal articles hal-00684738v1

Mio-Plio-Pleistocene geology and palaeobiology of Etosha Pan, Namibia

Martin Pickford , Brigitte Senut , Martin Hipondoka , Alain Person , Loïc Segalen , et al.
Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia, 2009, 14, pp.95-139
Journal articles insu-00684826v1

Paleohistological estimation of bone growth rate in extinct archosaurs

Jorge Cubo , Nathalie Le Roy , Cayetana Martinez-Maza , Laetitia Montes-Poloni
Paleobiology, 2012, 38 (2), pp.335-349. ⟨10.5061/dryad.j2m25n82⟩
Journal articles hal-00685421v1

Ultramafic hydrothermal systems on the Rainbow abyssal hill: a wide variety of active and fossil chemosynthetic habitats

Franck Lartaud , Marc de Rafélis , M Little , J. Dyment , Germain Bayon , et al.
InterRidge News, 2011, 20, pp.32-36
Journal articles hal-00685651v1

F and CI diffusion in phonolitic melts : Influence of the Na/K ratio

Hélène Balcone-Boissard , D.R. Baker , Benoît Villemant , Georges Boudon
D. Baker, A. Aiuppa and J. Wabster. Halogens in Volcanic Systems and Their Environmental Impacts, Chemical Geology, pp.89-98, 2009, 263
Book sections hal-00687754v1

Simultaneous Determination of Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine in Six Geochemical Reference Materials Using Pyrohydrolysis, Ion Chromatography and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry

Hélène Balcone-Boissard , A. Michel , Benoît Villemant
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2009, 33 (4), pp.477-485. ⟨10.1111/j.1751-908X.2009.00018.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00687755v1

HgS, Hg-METAL, Cu2S and Native Cu in Opaque Assemblages in a Primitive H3 Chondrite : Novel contraints for early solar system condensation and accretion episodes

C. Caillet Komorowski , A. Miyahara , M. El Goresy , Omar Boudouma , M. Humayun
Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 2010, 45, pp.A28-A28
Journal articles hal-00687772v1

Atmospheric element deposit on tree barks : the opposite effects of rain and transpiration

M. Catinon , Sophie Ayrault , Omar Boudouma , J. Asta , M. Tissut , et al.
Ecological Indicators, 2012, 14 (1), pp.170-177. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolind.2011.07.013⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00687774v1

Dissociative melting of ice VII at high pressure

A.F. Goncharov , Chrystèle Sanloup , N. Goldman , Jonathan C. Crowhurst , S.H. Bastea , et al.
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2009, 130, pp.124514
Journal articles hal-00687776v1

Mass-independent isotopic signatures of volcanicsulfate from three supereruption ash deposits in Lake Tecopa,, California

Erwan Martin
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2009, 282, pp.102-114
Journal articles hal-00687781v1

The infrared spectrum of ortho-enstatite from reflectance experiments and first-principle simulations

Raffaella Demichelis , H. Suto , Yves Noel , H. Sogawa , T. Naoi , et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2012, 420, pp.147-154. ⟨10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.20018.x⟩
Journal articles hal-00687881v1

Electronic structure, dielectric properties and infrared vibrational spectrum of fayalite: An ab initio simulation with an all-electron Gaussian basis set and the B3LYP functional

Yves Noël , M. Delapierre , L. Maschio , Michel Rérat , C.M. Zicivichi-Wilson , et al.
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2012, 112 (9), pp.2098-2108. ⟨10.1002/qua.23195⟩
Journal articles hal-00687882v1

Structure and energetics of imogolite: a quantum mechanical ab initio study with B3LYP hybrid functional.

Raffaella Demichelis , Yves Noel , Philippe d'Arco , L. Maschio , R. Orlando , et al.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2010, 20, pp.10417-10425
Journal articles hal-00687894v1

Ab initio modeling of TiO(2) nanotubes

D. Szieberth , Anthony Ferrari , Yves Noel , M. Ferrabone
Nanos cale, 2010, 2, pp.81-89
Journal articles hal-00687898v1

Single-layered chrysotile nanotubes: A quantum mechanical ab initio simulation

Philippe d'Arco , Yves Noel , Raffaella Demichelis , R. Dovesi
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2009, 131 (20), 7p
Journal articles hal-00687900v1

Palaeotectonic maps of the Middle East : Tectono-Sedimentary-Palinspastic maps from Late Norian to Pliocene

Eric Barrier , Bruno Vrielynck , Françoise Bergerat , Marie-Françoise Brunet , J. Mosar , et al.
Other publications hal-00687904v1

Les paléogéographies durant l'Albien

Patrick de Wever , A. Cornée , Bertrand Matrion , C. Colleté , Bruno Vrielynck
Stratype Albien, BRGM, 332 p., 2010
Book sections hal-00687905v1

Châpitre 4 : Magnetostigraphy

Bruno Galbrun , N.K. Belkaaloul , L. Lanci
Rey J. and Galeotti S. Stratigraphy, Terminology and Practice, BRGM, pp.53-64, 2008
Book sections hal-00687983v1

Le lutétien

Jean-Pierre Gély , J. Lorenz , D. Merle , Françoise Bergerat , A. Blanc , et al.
Géochronique, 2009, 109, pp.15-47
Journal articles hal-00687998v1

Gas hydrate forming fluids on the NE Sakhalin slope, Sea of Okhotsk

L.L. Mazurenko , T.V Matveeva , E.M. Prasolov , H. Shoji , A.I. Obzhirov , et al.
The Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 2009, 319, pp.51-72
Journal articles hal-00688075v1

Investigaçao da tectônica gravitacional na Bacia da Foz do Amazonas a partir de analise sismica e de modelagem experimental

A.T. Reis , C.G. Silva , B. Vendeville , Christian Gorini , R. Perovano , et al.
Bolletin of the Brazilian Society of Geophysics, 2008, 6, pp.16-19
Journal articles hal-00688083v1

Megaslides in the Foz do Amazonas Basin-Brazilian equatorial margin

C.G. Silva , E.F.S. Araujo , A.T. Reis , Christian Gorini , B. Vendeville , et al.
D.C. Mosher et al. Submarine Mass Movement and Their Consequences, Natural and Technological Hazards Research, Vol 28, pp.581-591, 2010
Book sections hal-00688089v1

Magnetic Viscosity for Cyclostratigraphic Logging of Argillaceous Sediment

J. Thiesson , E. Huret , Alain Tabbagh , Bruno Galbrun
Scientific Drilling, 2009, 8, pp.18-23. ⟨10.2204/⟩
Journal articles hal-00688094v1

Tectonique active sur la bordure ardennaise du Bassin parisien (Belgique) : enregistrement géologique et architectural des tremblements de terre, relations karst-tectonique

S. Vandycke , Françoise Bergerat , T. Camelbeeck , H. Degee , Jérémy Delcourt , et al.
Livret-guide des Journées d'Etude d'Automne de l'AGBP, 2011, Belgium. 43 p
Conference papers hal-00688112v1

Pierres et Tectonique en Hainaut (Belgique)

S. Vandycke , Françoise Bergerat , J.-M. Baele , S. Delaby , Jérémy Delcourt , et al.
Livret-guide des Journées d'Etude de Printemps de l'AGBP, 2011, Belgium. 113 p
Conference papers hal-00688118v1

Failles, diaclases et déformations dans les craies blanches du Bassin de Mons : la carrière CBR à Harmignies

S. Vandycke , Françoise Bergerat , P. Gaviglio , P. Robaszinsky , C. Schroeder
Bull. Inf.Géol.Bass., paris, 2011, 48 (3), pp.36-41
Journal articles hal-00688120v1

Le Lutétien dans le monde

Bruno Vrielynck
Géochronique, 2009, 109, pp.30-36
Journal articles hal-00688122v1

An orbital floating time scale of the Hauterivian/Barremian GSSP from a magnetic susceptibility signal (Río Argos, Spain).

Mathieu Martinez , Pierre Pellenard , Jean-François Deconinck , Fabrice Monna , Laurent Riquier , et al.
Cretaceous Research, 2012, 36, pp.106-115. ⟨10.1016/j.cretres.2012.02.015⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00689981v1

Silicic magma petrogenesis in Iceland by remelting of hydrothermally altered crust based on oxygen isotope diversity and disequilibria between zircon and magma with implications for MO

Ilya Bindemand , Andrey Gurenko , Tamara Camara , Calvin Miller , Erwan Martin , et al.
Terra Nova, 2012, pp.1-6. ⟨10.1111/j.1365-3121.2012.01058.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00692455v1

The vibrational spectrum of alpha-A1OOH Diaspore : An Ab Initio Study with the CRYSTAL Code

Raffaella Demichelis , Yves Noel , B. Civalleri , C. Roetti , M. Ferrero , et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2007, 111, pp.9337-9346
Journal articles hal-00692458v1

Magma degassing and eruption dynamics of the Avellino pumice Plinian eruption of Somma-Vesuvius (Italy). Comparison with the Pompeii eruption

Hélène Balcone-Boissard , Georges Boudon , G. Ucciani , Benoît Villemant , R. Cioni , et al.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2012, 331-332, pp.257-268. ⟨10.1016/j.epsl.2012.03.011⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00694025v1

The subsurface record of the Late Palaeozoic glaciation in the Chaco Basin, Bolivia

François Bache , J. Moreau , J.L. Rubino , Christian Gorini , Brigitte van Vliet-Lanoë
Glaciogenic Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon System, 368 (1), Geological Society of London, pp.257, 2012, ⟨10.1144/SP368.11⟩
Book sections insu-00694194v1

The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, In : D.G. Roberts & A.W. Bally, Eds

William Bosworth , Philippe Huchon , Ken Mcclay
Regional Geology and Tectonics : Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps, 2012, 1A, pp.63-139. ⟨10.1016/B978-0-444-56357-6.00003-2⟩
Journal articles hal-00695867v1

Postnatal histomorphogenesis of the mandible in the house mouse

Cayetana Martinez-Maza , Laëtitia Montes , Hayat Lamrous , Jacint Ventura , Jorge Cubo
Journal of Anatomy, 2012, 220 (5), pp.472-483. ⟨10.1111/j.1469-7580.2012.01488.x⟩
Journal articles hal-00706577v1