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Quantum phase transitions in a quarter-filled Hubbard ladder

R. Citro , Edmond Orignac
2004, Physica C: Superconductivity Volumes 408-410 August 2004, Pages 290-291, ⟨10.1016/j.physc.2004.02.155⟩
Conference papers hal-00007723v1

Measurement of CP-Asymmetries for the Decays $B^{\pm}\to D^0_{cp} K^{*\pm}$ with the BABAR Detector

B. Aubert , T. Abe , G. S. Abrams , T. Adye , Mohamed-Salem Ahmed , et al.
32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2004), Aug 2004, Beijing, China
Conference papers hal-00012091v1

Primordial magnetic fields from cosmological phase transitions

D. Boyanovsky , H. J. de Vega , M. Simionato
9 th. Chalonge School in Astrofundamental Physics, 2002, Palermo, Italy. pp.65-100
Conference papers hal-00012197v1

Prediction of damping in space launch vehicles using a virtual testing strategy

Alain Caignot , Pierre Ladevèze , David Néron , Sébastien Sll Le Loch , Vincent Le Gallo , et al.
6th International Symposium on Launcher Technologies, 2005, Munich, Germany
Conference papers hal-00013801v1

Beyond the two-level atom model : acoustic phonon side-bands in single InAs quantum dots

Ivan Favero , Guillaume Cassabois , Robson Ferreira , Christophe Voisin , Claude Delalande , et al.
3rd International Conference on Quantum Dots (QD2004), 2004, Banff, Canada
Conference papers hal-00004584v1

Parity violation in cesium - Experimental progress thanks to saphire cells

Erwan Jahier , Marie-Anne Bouchiat , Jocelyne Guéna , Philippe Jacquier , Michel Lintz , et al.
2000, pp.P8-149
Conference papers hal-00002716v1

Quantum Observables associated with Einstein Localisation

Marc-Thierry Jaekel , Serge Reynaud
1998, pp.426
Conference papers hal-00002566v1

A new camera for the HESS phase II experiment

P. Vincent , A.R. Bazer-Bachi , L.-M. Chounet , P. Corona , Y. Degerly , et al.
GAMMA 2004, Jul 2004, Heidelberg, Germany. pp.791-796, ⟨10.1063/1.1878503⟩
Conference papers in2p3-00024514v1

Réflexivité et auto-référence

Serge Stinckwich
12ème Journées de Rochebrune, 2005, France
Conference papers hal-00014228v1

Rise and Fall of the Bottom Quark Production Excess

Matteo Cacciari
Rise and Fall of the Bottom Quark Production Excess
Conference papers hal-00011147v1

Polariton Dephasing in Semiconductor Microcavities Probed by Four-Wave-Mixing

Jérôme Tignon
International School of Nanophysics, 2005, Maratea, Italy
Conference papers hal-00011219v1

First results and future prospects for 30-GeV gamma rays from celeste

A. Djannati , M. de Naurois , A. Barrau , Y. Pons , M. Rivoal , et al.
International Cosmic Ray Conference 26, Aug 1999, Salt Lake City, United States
Conference papers in2p3-00013332v1

Intensity correlation between observations at differrent wavelengths for mkn 501 in 1997

C. Renault , N. Renaud , G. Henri
Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics 19, Dec 1998, Paris, pp.1-8
Conference papers in2p3-00013333v1

TeV observations of the variability of Markarian 421 by the Cat Cherenkov imaging telescope

J.P. Tavernet
ECRS Alcala de Henares 16, Jul 1998, Alcala De Henares, Spain
Conference papers in2p3-00013335v1

Spectrum and Variability of Mrk501 as observed by the CAT Imaging Telescope

A. Barrau , R. Bazer-Bachi , H. Cabot , L.M. Chounet , G. Debiais , et al.
Kruger Workshop, Aug 1997, Kruger, South Africa
Conference papers in2p3-00013336v1

Establishing The GZK Cutoff With Ultra High Energy Tau Neutrinos

F. Heisel
International Workshop on Observing Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Space and on Earth, Aug 2000, Puebla, Mexico
Conference papers in2p3-00006886v1

The Two-Component Non-Perturbative Pomeron and the G-Universality

B. Nicolescu
International Workshop on Diffraction in High-energy and Nuclear Physics, Sep 2000, Cetraro, Italy
Conference papers in2p3-00007103v1

high p_t jet formation in untagged photon-photon collisions

L. Poggioli
Proceedings of the International Conference on High Energy physics 23, Jul 1986, Berkeley, United States. pp.1193-1195
Conference papers in2p3-00009793v1

The role of structural mechanics in multi-scale modelling of the inelastic behaviour of engineering materials

Adnan Ibrahimbegovic
CST 2006 - 8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, 2006, Las Palmas, Spain
Conference papers hal-00101771v1

Material parameter identification for damage models with cracks

Anna Kucerova , D. Brancherie , Adnan Ibrahimbegovic
CST 2006 - 8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, 2006, Las Palmas, Spain
Conference papers hal-00101773v1

Strict bounds for computed stress intensity factors

Julien Panetier , Pierre Ladevèze , François Louf
CST 2006 - 8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, 2006, Las Palmas, Spain
Conference papers hal-00101778v1

Micromodel based computations for laminated composites

David Violeau , Pierre Ladevèze , Gilles Lubineau
CST 2006 - 8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, 2006, Las Palmas, Spain
Conference papers hal-00101780v1

Noise from turbo-charged diesel engine exhaust systems

H. Boden , A. Torregrosa , F. Ollivier , K. Peat , R. Fairbrother , et al.
12th International Congrès on Sound and Vibration, 2005, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference papers hal-00104013v1

The speed of the piezoacoustic Bleustein-Gulyaev surface wave.

Michel Destrade
Symposium on recent advances in mechanics and materials, Apr 2005, Dublin, Ireland
Conference papers hal-00104068v1

Exact solutions for Bleustein-Gulyaev waves in some functionally graded materials.

Bernard Collet , Michel Destrade , Gérard A. Maugin
World Congress on Ultrasonics - Ultrasonics International, Sep 2005, Pékin, China
Conference papers hal-00104084v1

Dynamically Induced Alignment of Magnetic Domains in Type-I Superconductors

Vincent Jeudy , Catherine Gourdon , T. Okada
LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS: 24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics - LT24, 2005, Orlando, United States. pp.985, ⟨10.1063/1.2355036⟩
Conference papers hal-00016787v1

Ultrasonic attenuation in quasicystalline AlPdMn studied by picosecond acoustics

Jean Yves Duquesne , Bernard Perrin
World Congress on Ultrasonics, 2003, Paris, France. pp.1201
Conference papers hal-00016483v1

Molecular materials dedicated to gas sensor applications: molecular engineering, design of micro-systems and urban air quality control applications

Alain Pauly , Jérôme Brunet , Katarzyna Wierzbowska , Lionel Mazet , Laure Berry , et al.
ICPP-4 5 (Fourth International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines), 2006, Italy
Conference papers hal-00100403v1

Boosting Single Bubble SonoLuminescence with an acoustic pulse

Jean-Louis Thomas
CFADAGA, 2004, Strasbourg, France
Conference papers hal-00018245v1

Phonons in heterostructures studied by picosecond acoustics

Bernard Perrin
Eleventh International Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter., 2004, Saint Petersburg,, Russia
Conference papers hal-00016548v1